“We want to achieve zero-waste and eliminate the need for garbage transportation”- Smita Kulkarni, environmental activist and co-founder of Stonesoup.

June 22, 2020 thearthview 1

“To achieve zero waste and eliminate the need for transportation to pick the garbage for further processing,” Smita Kulkarni, a techie decided to ditch her comforting corporate job and became a social entrepreneur. Environmental activist, Smita Kulkarni into a social entrepreneur has co-founded Stonesoup with her friend Malini Parmar in the year 2015. It is a social enterprise based out of Bengaluru that offers sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Switching to a vegan diet reduces your ecological footprint- Roshni Sethuraman

February 14, 2020 thearthview 2

A vegan is an individual who eats a diet, free from animal-based foods such as meat, fish (and other water animals), dairy (milk, yoghurt, butter, paneer, ghee etc.), eggs and honey. The core philosophy of being a vegan is ahimsa and recognising that all animals are sentient beings with the ability to feel pain, form bonds, experience a variety of emotions and it is unfair to use them as a commodity by us. Vegans believe that the lives of animals matter not only from a compassionate perspective but also from the environmental and health perspective.


Mountain decides when you can climb or summit her |Meet Mr. Naveen Mallesh|

February 7, 2020 thearthview 3

theearthview.in took the amazing opportunity to chat with Mr. Naveen Mallesh “A runner at heart, an entrepreneur by mind, and a trekker by choice” He’s one of the most inspiring and charming people you will ever meet. Having grown up in Bengaluru, Naveen was just about five years old when he first climbed a small hilltop behind his house. By the time he was sixteen, he had started taking his friends along for treks and thus introducing them to the concept of trekking.


Organic farming- healthy for gut, nature and farmer

February 4, 2020 thearthview 4

Healthy for your gut Organic agriculture products are becoming popular among people. Amogh Jagthap, a management graduate who has ditched corporate life and at present doing organic farming. 25 years old Jagthap believes that organic farming not only produces healthy food but also help the farmers in increasing productivity as well as giving back to mother earth.

Shishir Pal Singh

Environmental Photography.. Meet Shishir Pal Singh

January 21, 2020 thearthview 4

Recall your last trip or vacation, Have you taken photographs of a beautiful location, natures beauty ?
Meet Mr. Shishir Pal Singh, He is a young and dynamic management professional and passionate for Environmental Photography, Revels the secret of his state of art in an interview with team ThearthView.