L&T has announced that it secured a contract in the Middle East, for the construction of one of the world’s first 525kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission system.

This link is part of a large capacity, Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based HVDC system that connects NEOM Industrial City and Yanbu city in western Saudi Arabia. A transmission system is set to establish a vital link between Oxagon, a central hub of cutting-edge and environmentally friendly industries located in NEOM, and the Yanbu area in western Saudi Arabia, covering a vast distance of more than 650 km, company officials said.

Through these initiatives, a scalable and adaptable regional network design will be developed, ensuring smooth integration of upcoming renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies into the NEOM Energy System. This approach aims to create a sustainable and future-proof energy infrastructure for the region.

Last month, Hitachi Energy secured a contract to spearhead the design, development, and commissioning of the HVDC Light transmission systems.