In an ambitious move towards the conservation and digitalization of botanical assets, the Department of Botany at CMP Degree College, Prayagraj, has introduced QR codes affixed to trees and plants within the campus. This initiative is a key component of the college’s Green Campus project, aiming to document and preserve both the college’s flora and the indigenous plant species in its vicinity.

The development and design of these QR codes were undertaken by research scholars Swapnil Anand, Rupendra Yadav, Ankita Verma, and Ruchi Mani from the Plant Taxonomy Laboratory at CMP College. Their efforts were carried out under the visionary guidance of Dr. Deepak Kumar Gond and Dr. Alok Kumar Singh, Assistant Professors in the Botany department at CMP College.

Explaining the rationale behind this innovative step, Dr. Gond stated, “People often express a curiosity to learn more about the plants around them, but a simple Google search may not yield the desired information. To address this, QR codes provide a convenient solution, offering users basic knowledge about a plant with a simple scan.”

He further added, “Anyone with a smartphone can use a scanning app to access general details on their phone screen, including the botanical name, common name, vernacular name, family of the plant, medicinal uses, and a picture of the plant. This user-friendly approach ensures that even students from non-scientific backgrounds can easily access comprehensive information about a plant.”

The CMP College campus boasts diverse green spaces, such as a herbal garden, a greenhouse, and a Navgraha garden featuring over 60 varieties of medicinal plants. Additionally, the campus showcases various ornamental and flowering plants, along with approximately 20 different tree species, including Ficus, Cycas, Pinus, Ashok, Sita Ashok, Mango, and various palms and bamboo.

Notably, the department has introduced plant species from different regions of Uttar Pradesh, particularly those rarely found in forested areas. The college administration has proposed extending this QR code initiative to the surrounding areas of CMP College, encouraging participation from students and teachers across various department.