Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL), a leading player in the renewable energy sector and a subsidiary of Tata Power, has recently entered into two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL).

The commissioning of these solar installations is expected to take place by mid-2025 and will contribute significantly to the state’s clean energy production. Additionally, they will make a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with the 200 MW project estimated to reduce emissions by 4,28,800 tons annually and the 150 MW project expected to reduce emissions by 3,11,200 tons annually.

Contributing to State’s RE Targets

Overall, these initiatives mark a significant milestone in India’s commitment to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources and combat climate change. By harnessing solar power on this scale, the country takes a substantial step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

As part of the agreement, TPREL will provide clean and sustainable electricity to MSEDCL, contributing significantly to the state’s renewable energy targets. The agreements are for the development of two solar power projects with capacities of 200 MW and 150 MW, respectively. These projects, located in Maharashtra, are set to play a crucial role in helping the state achieve its renewable energy targets.

TPREL has tied-up 930 MW with MSEDCL out of which 334 MW is presently supplied and balanced 596 MW will be commissioned in next 12-18 months. The total renewables capacity of TPREL till date stands at 7,783 MW with an installed capacity of 4,118MW (Solar – 3,136MW & Wind – 982MW) and 3,665 MW under various stages of implementation including the present 350 MW.