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Recall your last trip or vacation, Have you taken photographs of a beautiful location, natures beauty ?

Meet Mr. Shishir Pal Singh, He is a young and dynamic management professional and passionate for Environmental Photography, Revels the secret of his state of art in an interview with team ThearthView.

Earthview: When did you first realise you wanted to be a photographer?

I used to like to click with my Father’s Analog camera in my early days, which I used to enjoy a lot. However, I was unable to continue with it for long as I was caught up with studies and job. It was when I shifted to Himachal Pradesh for a job in the year 2009, once again I started with my passion for photography as I used to roam around with my point and shoot camera. I started enjoying it and finally, in the year 2011, I decided to take it seriously as a career option

Earthview: Have you had any formal photography training?

No, I have not taken any formal training or degree in Photography. I have learnt by watching other great photographers’ work and also by applying my own vision to it.

Earthview: Why did you prefer Environmental photography in particular?

I was in Himachal for around 3 to 4 years and the environment around me was so attractive that every time forced me to capture its beauty. I equally evince a great inclination to experience the local culture of the places and their stories. Therefore, along with the environment, I started doing street photography as well.

Earthview: Can you tell us about the most memorable photo you have ever shot and what made it so special?

I have many memorable compositions; few are from Kashmir, Himachal but there is one composition which I clicked on Ghats of Banaras in early morning, of a BATUK (Hindu spiritual Student) meditating during sunrise, so keeping Batuk as my primary subject and sun as my background I created one of the most memorable shots of mine.

Earthview: What remain the fundamental challenges that you confront as an environment photographer?

There are not really many challenges as a photographer as it is our job to capture the moment as real as it is. However, it is very disheartening for me when I see tourists spoiling the beautiful environment and surrounding. We should understand the importance of environment conservation, and it is the duty of each of us to play a role in conserving it. Therefore, I try doing maximum environment photography so to create awareness about conserving the environment.

Earthview: Which type of photography would you most like to capture that you haven’t already?

I have not done any night photography of starts. One day would really love to do Star Trail photography.

Earthview: What you love most about your work as an environment photographer?

The best part of environment photography is I get an opportunity to enjoy nature and understand it very closely. In the second place, I also capture nature in all its stage whether beautiful or deteriorated which can be helpful for others to enjoy and also to improve the environment. It gives a different level of peace to my mind.

Earthview: What advice would you convey to young photographers who are just starting out and considering pursuing a career in environment photography?

I would barely advise them to be passionate about whatever they are doing and continue capturing the environment by clicking their surrounding. We as a society it is our responsibility to contribute towards environment conservation.  As an environmental photographer, it is the duty of each of us to capture nature and make the masses aware of the good as well as bad things happening to our nature. This will make a difference, in fact, it can become a movement as well, all we need to do is to do our bit.

About Shishir Pal Singh

A management graduate with an experience of more then 14 years with various MNC (Dabur,L’Oreal, HCL, Samsung) in several roles of Sales & Marketing. A passionate Photographer who loves to capture moments of People, Culture, Nature & Streets. A self taught photographer with no formal training, but his ability to see the minute details on art aspects is great. Shishir’s photos got exhibited in various Photography exhibitions and also have won several awards in Photography. A true traveler by heart who loves to explore all new places and mysteries of Place & Nature, which is the biggest driving force for him to stay focused in Photography. He keeps on arranging various Photography Tours with field workshop and on field assistance. His style of photography is mainly Street , & Documentary. He loves to click people in there candid expressions.

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