On September 9, 1991, Green Guru of Amravati founded the Nature Conservation Society to protect the environment. It completed three decades of its establishment with notable accomplishments to its credit.
In addition, the Mutwa Community Resource and Environmental Research Center, which the organisation established in Melghat, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

On this occasion, the organisation held a spectacular tree-planting event at Melghat, as well as a felicitation ceremony for the organisation’s pillars.

Inspired by the purpose of fighting to protect the environment, a new organisation founded by schoolchildren in 1991 grew into a banyan tree, and today the same pupils filled the seniors by seeing their green gurus’ tearful felicitation celebration. The poignant celebration of the organisation’s 30th anniversary, held at Mutwa Community Resource and Environmental Research Center near Harisal in Melghat, drove many to tears.

Mr Manoharrao Jadhav, a well-known Amravati entrepreneur, and Mr Shyam Madhav Dhond, a well-known Vidarbha poet, Shri. P. N. Deshmukh and Prof. Vasudhatai Ghurde were all there.

Dr Nishikant Kale, the organisation’s president, gave an opening speech.

Amravati, a nature conservation group, has expanded its presence to many isolated communities in Melghat, as well as many tiger initiatives in Central India, over the last three decades. The organisation has accomplished incredible things on a variety of levels, including village restoration in Melghat, poaching prevention, tribal brother health maintenance, nature education for tribal kids, young employment prospects, and village development. In six tiger programmes in Central India, the organisation’s health care has reached around 90 villages.

Plantation on a large scale

On this occasion, a large tree-planting ceremony was organised.

The chief guests, dignitaries, and members of the organisation planted 200 saplings in the orchard.

Everyone worked up a sweat and enjoyed the Shramdan programme.

Amol Tingre, Dr Sangeeta Rithe, Saurabh Sutrave, Bhushan Pathe, and many other members were there, including journalist Shri Suresh Tale, young entrepreneur Mr Sachin Jadhav, Mrs Aparna Bhake, Mr Sandeep Waghadkar, Amol Tingre, Dr Sangeeta Rithe, Saurabh Sutrave, Bhushan Pathe, and many more.

The organisation has established strong relationships with other like-minded organisations, both in Vidarbha and across the country.
The Durgapur coal mine in Tadoba, stopping illegal fishing and irrigation settlements in Pench National Park, issuing final notifications of sanctuaries and national parks in the state, illegal felling of sandalwood trees and illegal oil factories, tree felling for roads widening in Amravati city, and attacks on forest workers are among the issues that the state is dealing with.

He was successful in taking it to the Supreme Court, where he was able to bring justice to these situations.

The Nature Conservation Society purchased 20 acres of fallow land in Kotha village, Melghat, on August 15, 2006, and built a healthy forest with abundant biodiversity.

Dr Vasantrao Ghurde, Prof. Umakant Bhoyar, Prof. Mrs Kalpanatai P. Deshmukh, Prof. Prakash Ladha, Dr Anil Asole, Mr Umakant Malegaonkar, Mr Rajendra Wadnerkar, and Mr Vilas Shrikhandkar were honoured at this emotional thanks event.

Kishor Rithe, Dr Nishikant Kale, Indra Pratap Thackeray, and Kunal Potode, all wildlife enthusiasts, presented a full introduction.