Ornithologists discussed the seabirds, habitats, and their movements

Mumbai, 7th June,2023: The ornithologists from several countries today at Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) discussed about seabirds, their important habitats, and movement pattern in north Indian ocean (Arabian sea and Bay of Bangal). They presented the outcome of their interesting studies.

BNHS with the support of Birdlife International organised a three-day workshop on North Indian Ocean

Seabirds, from the 7-9 th June 2023 at the BNHS, Mumbai. 34 delegates physically and 17 delegates online participated in the workshop. Kishor Rithe Interim Director and Honorary Secretary welcome the delegates and spoke about the 140 years of journey of BNHS and its work on Central Asian Flyway (CAF). Dr.Tammy Davis from Birdlife International UK explained the objectives of the workshop.

The ornithologists from India, UK, Shrilanka, Reunion, Netherlands, Maldives presented their research findings.

Several senior Government officers from state Governments as well as Govt.of India and researchers from across India and different countries participated in this workshop and discussed the important seabird areas and their migration. Dr.Balachandran and Dr.Asad Rahmani from BNHS, Dr.Ashwin Vishvanathan from NCF Kerala, Dr.Sivaperuman from ZSI Andaman, Mr.Praveen J from NCF Kerala, Dr.S.Subramanya and Mr.Shiva Shanker from Karnataka, Prof.K.Sivakumar from Puducherry University, Dr.Dhaval Varghya from Tata Chemicals Gujrat, Dr.Anant Pande from WCS India, Mr.Raavichandra Mondreti from Puducherry, Prof.Sampath Seneviratne from Shrilanka, Ms.Gayomini Panaghoda from Shrilanka and Prof.Matthiu Le Corre from the

University of Reunion presented their interesting studies. The workshop is trying to compile the available data on North Indian Ocean seabirds to document the major movement patterns to complement the existing marine Important Bird and Biodiversity (IBA) network and to discuss current and future threats, and research needs. The workshop will come out with policy and management interventions. It will also formulate the strategy relating to seabirds and marine conservation through highlighting important areas and connectivity, as well as identifying major threats to guide future management and research needs.

Dr.P.Sathiyaselvem, Senior Scientist and Dy. Director of BNHS, Dr.Rahul Khot Dy.Director and Sachin Kulkarni, Dr.Raju Kasambe, Ramesh Kumar, Sivakumar senior scientist, Mrugank Prabhu, Khushboo Rani , Priyanka Jundare from BNHS working hard to make this workshop successful.