Noida : RLG Systems India Private Limited is happy to announce the launch of
the Waste Tyre Play Area – a unique playground made entirely from repurposed tyres. This
eco-friendly project is the first of its kind in Noida and underscores the organization’s
commitment to innovative environmental conservation. Through this project, RLG Systems
demonstrates the potential that lies in reusability of waste, and exhibits how innovative
solutions can turn environmental concerns into beneficial community resources. All
necessary safety measures have been observed during the installation of the playground.
Tyre waste poses significant environmental challenges. As tyres do not decompose, they pile
up in landfills and release chemicals into the air, ground and water, altering our ecosystem.
RLG Systems, in association with Noida Authority, is turning this environmental threat into a
fun and safe space for children while promoting the essential message of recycling,
reusability and effective waste management.

The play area, located in Children’s Play Ground, Sector- 44, Noida, covers approximately
1250 square feet and is constructed entirely from repurposed tyres. It provides an exciting
and entertaining space for children of all age groups to come and enjoy play activities such
as a double swing, four-way seesaw, jumping tyres, tyre hopscotch, two spring seaters, and
a unique tyre frog.

The Waste Tyre Play Area will also serve as a venue for awareness campaigns on waste
recycling. The play area was inaugurated by Smt. Vandana Tripathi, OSD, Noida Authority
along with other officials from Noida Authority on 25 th May 2023 to ensure that the message
of reusing waste and protecting our planet resonates across the city and beyond.
With this innovative play area, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental
conservation and community well-being,” said Ms. Radhika Kalia, MD, RLG Systems India
Private Limited. “
It is our endeavor that the Waste Tyre Play Area provides a fun space for
children and inspires them to see waste as a resource that can be reused creatively and
beneficially. We hope this medium helps the masses explore new innovative ideas and
possibilities and take steps to make our environment more sustainable.”

Shri Shripal Bhati, DGM, Noida Authority said, “We are happy to support and inaugurate
the Waste Tyre Play Area developed by RLG Systems India Private Limited. The initiative
shows how a pressing environmental challenge can be transformed into an innovative,
engaging, and community-centric solution. A fun and safe space for children, the playground
is a daily reminder about the importance of recycling and effective waste management.
Noida Authority, in collaboration with dedicated partners like RLG Systems, remains
committed to such sustainable initiatives that promote environmental conservation and
enhance the quality of life in the city.”

About RLG
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