Sunita Narain
 Renowned Environmentalist Sunita Narain Has Been Appointed To An International Advisory Group   Per Olsson Fridh, the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation has appointed renowned Indian environmentalist and political activist Sunita Narain to an international advisory group for action on the environment, climate and biodiversity. She is currently serving as the director-general of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the director of Society for Environmental Communications and editor of ‘Down To Earth’ a fortnightly magazine. Born in the capital of India, New Delhi, she began working in 1982 with the Centre for Science and Environment. In 2016, she made a place on the list of ‘100 most influential people’ in Times Magazine. Her special focus has always been climate change for which she has worked both on the water-related issue and forest-related resource management. Under her supervision, Coke and Pepsi, the Centre for Science and Environment, exposed brands of soft drinks to a high level of pesticides. Sunita Narain is an agile contributor both nationally and internationally. The International advisory group for action on the environment, climate and biodiversity will be launched to strengthen Sweden’s Global Agency. This agency will address the issues like climate change, depletion of ecosystems, and losing biodiversity. This advisory group comprises of experts worldwide who have deep knowledge and commitment in the field. “We must further develop international efforts to address the climate crisis and the crisis facing nature. By gathering insights and ideas from a global group of outstanding individuals, we can take development policy for a green and fair future to the next level,” says Mr. Fridh. Wanjira Mathai, Regional Director for Africa at the World Resources Institute and a member of the group said “By establishing this advisory group, Sweden is showing its willingness to incorporate curiosity, innovation and new perspectives into its development policy. This is urgently needed, as we must act quickly to address speeding up climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis.” The first informal meeting will be led by Mr. Fridh and is expected to take place in early autumn. The participants of this advisory group are: – lli Nadiah Dzulfakar, climate activist and founder of Klima Action Malaysia;  – Wanjira Mathai, Regional Director for Africa at the World Resources Institute think tank;  – Ulrika Modéer, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the United Nations Development Programme’s Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy, former State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs;  – Sunita Narain, Director General of the Centre for Science and Environment and editor of the Indian magazine Down to Earth;  – Olof Skoog, Head of the European Union delegation to the United Nations in New York, Swedish diplomat.  – Peter Winsor, Professor of Oceanography and Director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Arctic Programme. The ambassador of Sweden in India Klas Molin said, “Her broad and very relevant experience also includes a South Asian perspective with its many challenges.” Sunita Narain said, “COVID-19 and climate change both teach us that the world is interdependent and we need global cooperation to find solutions that are fair and transformative. By setting up this advisory group, the Swedish government has once again shown its willingness to engage with diverse voices to find solutions that will work for all.”   Written by – Harshita Sinha