Everyone knows that a normal paper is produced by wood pulp which is obtained from various trees. However, this also leads to deforestation but have you heard of paper that can help you grow trees?  It might sound unbelievable but it is true. Plantables is one such organisation that offers you plantable seeded papers which grows into a plant after sowing. These seed papers are  100 per cent wood free handmade paper made up of using cotton scrap with seeds embedded in it.

“I always wanted to produce an eco-friendly and sustainable product and therefore this idea came to mind. We started Plantables in 2018. At Plantable we produce 100 per cent biodegradable papers that are embedded with seeds. These papers are wood free and made up of scrap cotton pulp and while printing uses water soluble dye. Once these papers are sown it grows into a beautiful plant,” said Garima Capoor, Co-Founder of Plantables.

Capoor further said, “During my wedding preparations, my husband and I decided to make beautiful and pocket-friendly seeded paper wedding cards for our wedding.  We decided to make them ourselves and now with Plantables we are helping everyone with these eco-friendly papers.”

At Plantable, they make different Rakhi covers, wedding cards, seeded papers, calendars, stationery such as gift envelopes, bookmarks, notebook. They also make carry bags, Conference and event collaterals. Later, these eco-friendly products can be sown in the soil and spring up new vibrant greens around you.

She further said, “Plantables so far has catered to 15 countries excluding India. We have cards in 15 different languages. We have also a tie-up with big brands such as Mercedes and have sponsored various natural, vegan, and organic products. One of the best examples we have is the Saej Body soap for which the Plantables have made seeded covers.”

To celebrate the bonds of siblings love, they designed rakhi covers and rakhi’s made from waste cotton scrap and mixed wildflowers.

Capoor said, “Today plastic carry bags are a major threat to the environment and the animals on this earth. Therefore, Plantables have introduced a seeded paper bag which after use can be sown and can sprout in a beautiful tree increasing the green cover on this earth.”

The materials used for making cards and other items are environment friendly. Normally, the cards, covers, carry bags are made from the wood pulp but the Plantables have made the paper from the cotton embedded with different varieties. The wood pulp from which normal papers are made is a cause of the devastation in the environment. However, once the normal papers are used are often thrown into the bins. But these seeded papers and not only wood pulp free but also helps in increasing green cover on this earth.

Capoor said, “The seeded papers are available with various varieties. A wide variety of flower, vegetable and tree seeds can also be used in seed paper. The papers are usually handmade, made on-demand and can be customised. But when it comes to supply bulk orders, we make in machines with proper care. The cotton is pressed to make the paper with special techniques. The process is quick and easy. It doesn´t require much time but can be messy and wet. Therefore, it is required to work on a protected surface.”

The innovations are happening in all the sectors to help us lead an eco-friendly life and Plantables innovation in paper production is certainly a revolution in the paper industry and can help in increasing the green cover.

WRITTEN BY: Vaishnavi Jawalkar