There are several schools and universities across the globe that offer both long- and short-term programs related to the environment. These institutes are home to several researchers investigating a variety of environmental issues such as the impact of a changing climate and a more sustainable approach to living.

But what’s up with environmental studies? Different individuals have different perspectives on this one. Today’s young generation is all about improving the world they’re living in, and environmental studies are the make-a-difference area of study. This rapid development of society and global economies, and the fast-paced industrialisation makes the need to find innovative solutions for the negative impact they’re having on the natural environment, more and more urgent.

Imperial College London is offering a master’s in environmental technology, wherein students encounter an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines natural and social sciences. The “Human-Natural World Interface” module in the program teaches about ways people interact with their environment and includes a series of case studies for students to gain problem-solving skills.

Ecological economics is one of the focus areas of the programs offered at the University of Minnesota institute, Minneapolis, which supports interdisciplinary research on environmental subjects. It studies how the value of natural resources and the environmental impact of business activities can be factored into a company’s decision-making process.
An internship program focused on sustainability is offered to undergraduate and graduate students at The University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, which gives its students financial support and provides them with a mentor at their host organisation.

The University of Queensland, Australia,
has received several natural scientific awards within Australia, including multiple Eureka prizes from the Australian Museum. All credit goes to the excellent ecological and environmental researchers at the institute.

There’s a range of undergraduate majors offered to the students at The University of California – Berkeley’s Rausser College of Natural Resources, including microbial biology, conservation and resource studies, and environmental economics and policy.

Wageningen University and Research Centre offer master’s programs in academic disciplines such as climate studies, the international land and water management, and urban environmental management.

The Harvard University Centre for the Environment invites undergraduate students to conduct summer research on environmental issues, work on an independent project, or become a research assistant to a Harvard faculty member, while also providing them financial support at the same time.

With the world today facing serious environmental challenges, a significant change is required in the way we work, play, live and govern, and we are going to need some people particularly specialised in the area. That means the program you are adopting in the environmental studies discipline is going to be in high demand and relevance as you start your career after college.

Written by: Tazeen Ansari