Pic credit: Business Standard

New Delhi, 1st December 2021: A person has filed a petition in the High Court seeking compensation of Rs 15 lakh, citing the capital’s climate becoming toxic due to air pollution. Apart from seeking compensation from the Center and the Delhi government, the petition has sought medical insurance of Rs 25 lakh.

Justice Yashwant Verma adjourned the hearing of the matter till December 6. During the brief hearing, the petitioner Shivam Pandey was told, ”You please understand, the High Court is not a playground and you should refrain from using it as such.”

Justice Verma said that he should approach the Supreme Court if he is concerned about the air quality in Delhi as there is already a case pending there (Supreme Court) on the issue. The petitioner said that he has sought health insurance for himself from the Center and the Delhi government due to the quality of the air.

In the petition, Pandey has said that he has sought Rs 15 lakh as compensation for “specific and exemplary loss”.

At the same time, pollution is said to be the root cause of various diseases, because of which it seriously affects the health of the people.

The petition also states that air pollution in particular adversely affects the health of the people. It has also been said that due to this, people are getting diseases like headaches, burning in the eyes, skin irritation, and respiratory problems.

The petition claimed that air pollution can lead to serious lung diseases and even cancer. Along with this, the petition has sought an order from the government to give a mediclaim of Rs 25 lakh. The petition has accused the government of failing to control pollution.