Genetically Unfit Lion cubs due to Interference with Natural Selection

October 14, 2020 thearthview 0

Senior scientist YV Jhala of Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun who has closely researched lions and their cubs in the Gir National Park of Gujarat for over two decades claims that excessive use of antibiotics and more than required health care interventions for lions is interfering with their natural selection process.

Go-Green with Eco-Friendly Travel with Shride in Pune.

October 3, 2020 thearthview 0

Neelabja Saha (22) is a young entrepreneur from Kolkata who has started up a company, namely “Shride.” He is pursuing engineering from Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune. Neelabja, the founder of Shride India Private limited, is working with a group of members.


September 23, 2020 thearthview 0

India comes under the 17-megadiverse countries of the world being the host for 1,400 species of butterflies. However, at present, the population of butterflies is declining at a precipitous rate raising major concern for these winged insects. Therefore, to spread awareness and conserve the butterflies, a group of 50 butterfly enthusiasts, researchers, and specialists from all over India got together to choose a national butterfly of India.

The Green Railways: An Initiative by the Government

July 18, 2020 thearthview 0

‘Better late than never’, the Indian Railways have finally decided to transform into ‘Green Railways’ by 2030. Understanding the importance of environment conservation and seriousness of climate change, Indian Railways has decided to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2030.