WOW: The Three Musketeers Of Kolkata Creating Art Out Of Waste

July 21, 2020 thearthview 1

The three wonder women Megha, Swati and Ritika resides in the city of joy, Kolkata who founded Wonder of Waste (WOW). ‘Wonders of Waste’ is not just a fairy tale but their story shall remind you of your favourite childhood show- power puff girl. Under this, these young women create pieces of art out of waste by upcycling and recycling waste.

Switching to a vegan diet reduces your ecological footprint- Roshni Sethuraman

February 14, 2020 thearthview 2

A vegan is an individual who eats a diet, free from animal-based foods such as meat, fish (and other water animals), dairy (milk, yoghurt, butter, paneer, ghee etc.), eggs and honey. The core philosophy of being a vegan is ahimsa and recognising that all animals are sentient beings with the ability to feel pain, form bonds, experience a variety of emotions and it is unfair to use them as a commodity by us. Vegans believe that the lives of animals matter not only from a compassionate perspective but also from the environmental and health perspective.

Smog haunting the heart of the Nation-Delhi

November 17, 2019 thearthview 0

Delhi Pollution are trending on twitter for many days and jokes about the condition of Delhi air quality becoming viral on different platform of social media. Delhi has once again become everyone hot favourite topic. Not for the first time, but the problem of poor air quality has been a constant phenomenon for the city every time the winter sets in. However, the consequences of this on human health are not at all funny but extremely serious.