Simple yet effective ways to cut down your Carbon Footprints

August 9, 2020 thearthview 2

The type of lights you use at home has huge impact on carbon emissions. Lightning alone contributes for 6% of global carbon emissions. Using LED instead of CFL, Bulb or Tubelight can have great positive impact. Study reveals worldwide switch to LED can reduce the 1400 million tons of CO2

Dark side of Bright Fashion

July 31, 2020 thearthview 1

Fast fashion is something everyone get excited of. Fast fashion allows the customers to wear the similar clothes that were once wore on the fashion shows that too at an affordable price. Getting these stylish clothes at nominal prices has increased the demand for fast fashion. Advancement in Supply Chain Management, increase in purchasing power and price affordability are some of the reasons that has favoured the growth of fast fashion.

Polluted planet: Point to Ponder

July 31, 2020 thearthview 2

We, the modern people with our most astonishing and inexplicable brains are stepping towards the techno-advanced world with a luxurious lifestyle. But, we have created an enigma which has to be solved and taken care of; failing which we may lose everything. We are responsible for polluting the pristine planet.