How Trees/forest can help in balancing global temperature ?

February 7, 2020 thearthview 1

Plants may play a vital role in maintaining the global climate in future. Increasing human population and greenhouse gases will increase the global temperature in coming days. This is because the contribution of CO2 and other GHG will continue to rise and thus increase the global temperature.

Seed and Climate Change

Seed Bombing Technique, A method to fight with Climate Change

January 27, 2020 thearthview 0

With increasing urbanization, our planet is also losing its green cover that is one of the contributing factors in climate change. Trees being the lung of the earth perform a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint. Revitalizing the green cover is the best way to restore the eco-system. One of the emerging techniques of afforestation that is gaining popularity worldwide is seed-ball.

Why Earth is getting warmer ?

January 24, 2020 thearthview 0

Sun is the ultimate sources of energy on earth. Earth receives plenty of solar radiation where natural ecosystem is followed using the same as per Lindeman 100% law.

What is Climate? Understanding global, regional and local climate

January 17, 2020 thearthview 0

Day to day weather pattern and Climatic condition of a region have major influence on the living beings on earth. It impacts all aspects of life, such as human beings, animals, plants, agriculture, landforms etc. On daily basis one can feel the essence of weather and climate which has considerable impact on their active life. In primitive era civilization was grown along the river. At later stage when agriculture practice was developed the rain-based crop pattern was identified. Different region on earth has different form of rain pattern and results in varying agricultural practices. The changing and different pattern of rainfall has direct link with the local weather and global climatic condition.