October 28, 2020 thearthview 0

Calamus- electric bike was started in 2017 with a motive to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable vehicle. It is the next generation of E-bikes, Calamus One UltraBike comes with anti-theft alarm and is the world’s safest and most advanced E-bike. At present, Calamus is receiving good response across the world and has its presence in around 27 countries.

“Wildlife photography educates about the beauty and vulnerability of the bio-diversity,” says Aishwarya Sridhar, first Indian women to receive Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2020.

October 28, 2020 thearthview 0

Aishwarya Sridhar (23) is a young Indian Wildlife Photographer, wildlife presenter and documentary based at Navi Mumbai. She had made her parents Sridhar Ranganathan and Rani Sridhar proud by being the first Indian women to be awarded as the “Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2020.”

Solar Sredhar: The Renewable Energy Resident of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

October 26, 2020 thearthview 0

Sredhar took up the responsibility of saving the depleting resources of nature by utilising energy efficiently. He is not a professional in energy conservation. Still, he became the expert by a series of experiments conducted by him and with the help of guidance of a few great minds; he achieved a 100% self-energy sufficient home.

Kurio Designs-Recycling Waste To Wonders

October 21, 2020 thearthview 0

Passionate for sustainability, eco-conscious Megha Rawat (29) an accidental entrepreneur launched “Kurio Designs”, a footwear startup that manufactures upcycled, handmade and locally crafted footwear.


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Sustainability as its core, Clan Earth, founded by Kolkata based entrepreneur, Priyanka Mandal is a startup that crafts eco-sustainable 100 per cent vegan backpacks with zero plastic. Clan Earth not only designs these stylish eco-friendly bags but also plants five trees after every sale to increase the green cover.

Praveen Kumar’s efforts revitalised the green cover of Pune

October 20, 2020 thearthview 0

Praveen Kumar Anand, a 64- year old man along with the support of citizens, helped in revitalising the green cover of Pune city. In last seven years, with continuous dedication and focus to contribute for the environment, Kumar has converted 64- acre of the barren hill into rich bio-diversity, known as Anandvan, in Kondhwa Pune.

International E-Waste Day: The million dollars worth waste!

October 14, 2020 thearthview 0

From the entertainment essential television to washing machines which supports daily chores, from the fridge which chills up food to the induction stoves which brings up piping hot food and the significant asset the smartphones and the batteries which act as the powerhouse for many of gadgets end up as E-waste. As October 14 is observed as International E-waste day, let’s know more about the toxic effect of e-waste on our environment.

Genetically Unfit Lion cubs due to Interference with Natural Selection

October 14, 2020 thearthview 0

Senior scientist YV Jhala of Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun who has closely researched lions and their cubs in the Gir National Park of Gujarat for over two decades claims that excessive use of antibiotics and more than required health care interventions for lions is interfering with their natural selection process.